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Honoring those who served

The rendering of Military Funeral Honors is a way to show the nation’s deep gratitude to those who, in times of war and peace, have faithfully defended our country. This ceremonial paying of respect is the final demonstration that a grateful nation can provide to the veteran’s family. Information on Military Honors rendered by the United States Volunteers – America can be found on this website. Please click “request service”.

A not-for-profit organization with units throughout the country, whose primary mission is to assist in the rendering of Military Funeral Honors. Units also perform community service as Color Guard for Veterans ceremonies. As a Service Organization serving Veterans, United States Volunteers – America claims its heritage from Teddy Roosevelt’s Rough Riders; the last volunteer cavalry unit to serve. The Rough Riders were officially called the “United States Volunteers” and wore USV as their collar insignia.

Today, USV-A troopers wear a modified US Army uniform with unique insignia, rank and distinctive, non-federal, buttons. We are in compliance with AR670-1 Chapter 30 regulations, in accordance with rules as a military society. Troopers are trained and certified in accordance with AP3 and TACOM regulations. All veterans honorably discharged and patriotic individuals lineally descended from Honorably Discharged veterans over the age of 18 my apply for membership in their local unit USV-A. Training and certifications are provided and the need for dedicated volunteers is great. Information provided by USV-A National Headquarters

Members describing their involvement with USV-A in an interview

USV-A Honor Guard


Yes, most, if not all, funeral homes have the means to contact and request Final Honors.

Yes, if a qualifying military member has never had Final Honors rendered. They are still entitled to Final Honors.

Yes, you can provide the organizations name to the Funeral Home to be contacted for such a request. The Funeral Home will inform the branch of service of the request to ensure other entitlements remain available.
Yes, you will need to contact the Casualty Affairs Office for the branch of service or contact a Veteran Service Organization that provides Final Honors to aid you in starting the request.

A copy of the veteran’s DD214 and a Death Certificate. In some cases, if the DD214 is not available, a copy of an Honorable Discharge Certificate will help.

Most do not. If there is a fee, it is usually minimal fee to aid with their expenses. Please note that all VSO’s are non-profit organizations. So, a donation should always be an available option, if elected.

Depending on your circumstances a Flag request maybe made several ways:

a. You can contact the branch of service Casualty Affairs Office or your local funeral home
b. Provide a DD214 & Death Certificate to your local US Post Office and request a Flag
c. Contact a local VSO (Veterans Service Organization) to request a flag through their resources if your loved one has passed, but has not yet been buried or has been cremated.

The nearest relative by means of relations to the veteran is recommended. The only advocate permitted is a Funeral Home representative on behalf of a family.

A single flag is normal protocol and is generally given to the veterans surviving spouse, child or immediate family member. However, in qualifying situations two flags can be rendered if the veteran is survived by both a spouse and a parent. Discuss this with a Casualty Affairs representative, Funeral Home representative, or your VSO representative at the time of requesting Final Honors.

Dignified Transfer is most commonly performed for service members that are KIA and returning home. You have most likely seen Honor Guard Details perform Dignified Transfers from an airplane to a destination. A Dignified Transfer can be requested to a VSO if a veteran is being transferred from out of state, or at the time of death, to the funeral home. Any other rendering of a Dignified Transfers is performed by the military for qualifying situations or veterans.

The only services that can be requested and performed by the military is Final Honors at this time. Usually VSO’s that provide Final Honors can be requested to provide additional military style services at the family’s request.

Letter of Condolences from The President of The United States. This can be requested by the family upon the passing of a veteran.

A Nation Reveals Itself Not Only By The Men It Produces, But Also By The Men It Honors.

John F. Kennedy

35th President of the United States of America